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Owner Diane Devroe (Lady Di) began baking when her oldest son Antonio was about 2 years old.Tired of buying birthday cakes without great taste, she began baking her own. Once she perfected a recipe , she taught herself to decorate. People began asking her to make cakes for them, and would always encourage her to go into the bakery business, she would never hear of it. Instead she opened up a Gourmet Popcorn shop, and sold cake slices in her store. People soon began asking where the cake came from. Once they found out that she baked them, store owners began asking if she would bake for their stores as well.                                                                                                                                                                           

Before long she closed the popcorn shop and a wholesale business began. Taking all of the money from her savings account(10,000) she made a deal with the owner of the bakery that she purchased, to pay 10,000 down and pay the remaining balance in monthly payments. In 1998 she opened the doors to Lady Di's Bakery, with  2.40 left in her account, no capital, no income, and no employees. The only thing that she had was the help of her 3 children who were very young, and her belief in God and belief in her products. Working 18 - 20 hours per day there were many days that she wanted to quit, but because of the constant phone calls from the public expressing how much they enjoyed the product, she knew that she had something great.  Initially she started the business with 3 flavors of cake, but due to an overwhelming request for more products 24 new products were added. The lunchroom style Butter, and Peanut butter cookies were among them. A product so great that it took over in sales and is the only thing that we focus on, and what we are famous for today.                                                                                                                                      

Today Lady Di's products can be found all over Chicago, and many locations out of state as well. We service many restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores with individual units of our famous cookies. Being a family business the company is run by herself and her children Antonio, Dimitrious, and Kierra whom all came into the business at  very young ages and worked very hard. They learned the business early on giving them a feeling of self-pride, self worth, and a strong sense of helping to accomplish something positive in their lives. Although owning a business is hard work, this is something that our family would like to see survive for many years to come.

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